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Sept. 15, 2020

How To Choose An Aligned Co-founder(s)

How To Choose An Aligned Co-founder(s)

In this podcast episode, Tania speaks about what to look for in a co-founder that will help you determine if they'll align with you and your business mission so that you can function together just like a well-practiced sports team would.

Show Notes

If you're considering adding a co-founder to your business, or are actively looking for a co-founder, you will have a lot of questions around what to look for in a new partnership.


Strong co-founder relationships are rooted in alignment.


We discuss in this episode, on how to choose an aligned co-founder(s):

  • The key to a strong co-founder relationship. (4:11)
  • What business alignment means for a co-founding pair. (4:25)
  • 3 key things you can look for in a co-founder. (7:58)
  • Why you should look for complementary skills in a partner (8:36)
  • The value of values alignment. (13:58)
  • Why your mission matters when choosing a co-founder. (17:09)


Resources Mentioned:


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