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April 29, 2020

3 Actions You Can Take to Begin to Understand Entrepreneurship

3 Actions You Can Take to Begin to Understand Entrepreneurship

In this podcast episode, Tania shares three actions you can take to begin to understand entrepreneurship and you'll begin to understand what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

Show Notes

Do you understand entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurs are natural and instinctive action takers, and many get started without realizing what they are getting themselves into.

By taking the time to learn about entrepreneurship before you start as well as throughout your entrepreneurial career (as it's a process of continuous improvement and learning), you'll save yourself from the sinking feeling of desperation that leads to having to ask Google late at night, how you can understand entrepreneurship.

For you to begin to understand entrepreneurship, which is such a broad and diverse topic, you have to first simplify it to a most basic understanding - which is to understand, what being an entrepreneur really means. 


We discuss in this episode, on actions you can take to begin to understand entrepreneurship:

  • What one of the top business-related questions searched for on the internet is. (0:07)
  • What entrepreneurs mean to society. (07:22)
  • Why people want to be entrepreneurs. (10:35)
  • 3 actions you can take to begin to understand entrepreneurship. (16:55)


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