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3 Thoughtful TED Talks on How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

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If you're like most people, you probably think of entrepreneurs as being born with a certain something that allows them to take risks and succeed. But I believe entrepreneurship is not a gene you're born with—it's a skill that can be learned. In this blog post, I'm sharing three TED Talks with you on how to think like an entrepreneur. 

Founders have a special way of looking at things that allows them see opportunities and solve problems. It's the way they think and their entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to tap into the courage they need to take risks and take on the hard work.

These three TED Talks offers thoughtful perspectives from three very different type of entrepreneurs, on how to think like an entrepreneur. They offer great advice on leaving your comfort zone, risk-taking and perseverance.

Watch them now and be inspired to start working on your own business or plan!


The Secret of How to Think Like an Entrepreneur | Amy Wilkinson | TEDxPaloAltoSalon


Video courtesy of TED Talks from YouTube


Author and Stanford Lecturer Amy Wilkinson reveals the skills underlying entrepreneurial success.

Amy Wilkinson is founder and CEO of Ingenuity, a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business and author of The Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. She advises executives and emerging leaders around the world on how to master the skills that underlie entrepreneurial success.

Learn more about Amy and connect with her here.

My favourite quote from this video:

Here's where your comfort zone is, and here's where the magic happens, and they are not in the same place ... It's not an innate ability; people aren't just born thinking like entrepreneurs, they work on it.



Entrepreneurial Mindset | Lev Azarkin | TEDxPSUBeaver


Video courtesy of TED Talks from YouTube


Mind over matter is more than just an idiom.

Join Lev Azarkin as he explores how he has been shaped by a mindset that has defined him and his life at Penn State University. Lev is a true jack of all trades, having started his own company as a young man, he has forever been shaped by his insatiable hunger for knowledge.


My favourite quote from this video:

If there's something you want to do, put your mind to it and do it. The only thing that's stopping you are obstacles. You just have to get around them.



The Entrepreneurial Mindset | Yvette Adams | TEDxBundaberg


Video courtesy of TED Talks from YouTube


Yvette speaks of her life of becoming an Entrepreneur and the challenges she has had to face, along with the rewards.

Yvette Adams is a serial Entrepreneur, Published Author and a multi-award winning business woman including winning the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner category at the Telstra Business Women in Queensland 2010.

Learn more about Yvette and connect with her here.


My favourite quote from this video:

You need to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone ... you have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to get really uncomfortable and you sometimes feel like sinking and that you can't swim, but you'll find a way.



Did you have a favourite quote or entrepreneurship how-to from these talks? Let us know in the comments below.