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Oct. 29, 2020

Find A Trusted Advisor Through Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Find A Trusted Advisor Through Entrepreneurship Mentorship

In this podcast episode, Tania shares what entrepreneurship mentorship is briefly (as she can talk about it for hours); you'll also hear about what a mentor does and doesn't do in a mentoring relationship.

Show Notes

One thing many successful entrepreneurs have in common is a close relationship with a mentor. However, many entrepreneurs (especially new founders) do not seek out a mentor as a trusted advisor as hard as they try to find a co-founder, partners or investors; likely because they don’t understand the value of mentorship.


We discuss in this episode, on finding a trusted advisor through mentorship:

  • What mentoring means. (3:18)
  • The benefits of mentorship for entrepreneurs. (4:48)
  • The role of a mentor. (6:50)
  • The goal of mentoring. (9:22)


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