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Oct. 14, 2020

Finding Motivation In Taking Action

Finding Motivation In Taking Action

In this podcast episode, Tania speaks about three steps you can take to find motivation in taking action.

Show Notes

COVID-19 has impacted entrepreneurs in unpredictable ways and while some are thriving, many others are struggling to stay motivated.

Do you need some encouragement? And some advice on how to keep moving forward when you don’t feel motivated? That’s what this episode will support you with.


We discuss in this episode, on finding motivation in taking action:

  • Why motivation is not a feeling. (3:02)
  • Why taking action isn't always the effect of motivation. (6:17)
  • Why you should use the five-second rule. (8:40)
  • The three-step process to get motivated through action. (11:11)
  • Why celebrating your wins is an important part of staying motivated. (14:29)



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