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April 20, 2020

How You Can Gain an Advantage for Your Startup

How You Can Gain an Advantage for Your Startup

In this podcast episode, Tania welcomes you to the podcast and speaks about how she hopes the podcast will lead to giving you an advantage for your startup journey.

Show Notes

Welcome! Join Tania each week in building an empowering community through Startup Advantage – a new podcast that will encourage you to work towards achieving your business goals as a first-time entrepreneur through advice on the success strategies, habits and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

In this first and brief podcast, you’ll meet Tania, and will find out what you can expect from this podcast.

Short and sweet is her mission with this first episode as it will take you about the same amount of time to listen to than it will to drink a cup of tea or coffee. Find a comfy space for the next few minutes, and get excited with her for this learning journey we’re about to embark on. 


We discuss in this episode, on the Startup Advantage Podcast:

  • Who Tania is and you'l learn a bit of her backstory. (2:30)
  • The ‘why’ behind this new podcast. (03:39)
  • The goal, mission, and vision of the Startup Advantage Podcast. (05:01)
  • How you can be involved from the start. (6:29)


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