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Patti Mara

Founder, Author & Creator

Patti Mara has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial owned and operated businesses to reposition them for success and dramatically increase their growth, customer retention, and profit.

Patti is a popular speaker to groups from diverse industries, ranging from finance and commercial real estate, to restoration and cleaning, restaurants, and independent pharmacies. She has also been a featured speaker to North American women’s and entrepreneurs’ groups.

She is the owner of Maranet Inc. and the creator of The Profit Generator Program*, which takes business owners through a process for developing the ability to see through their customers’ eyes. She also created the Breaking Through Barriers Program*, which helps business owners identify and eliminate the bottlenecks that impede growth and success.

She is the author of UpSolutions – Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Ravings Fans.

Jan. 22, 2021

The Opportunity In Change For Strong Customer Relations / Entrepreneurship How-To / with Patti Mara

How to generate extraordinary results and build strong customer relationships by changing your perspective

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