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Oct. 7, 2020

Questions To Ask Potential Co-Founders

Questions To Ask Potential Co-Founders

In this podcast episode, Tania speaks about a strategy that can help you during your co-founder dating phase to identify a good match; it's a strategy that involves asking purposeful questions.

Show Notes

Putting thought behind how you approach a co-founder search can support you in finding a strong fit for you and your business. By taking the time to get to know potential founders first, you're more likely to find a partner that will be someone who will help you build your startup from the ground up through good and bad times.

But how do you know when you’ve found a good co-founder match?


We discuss in this episode, on questions to ask potential co-founders:

  • Why co-founder dating and asking planned questions can help you make strategic partnering decisions. (4:09)
  • Why you should consider having a standard draft of questions as a guide for conversations. (8:25)
  • What you should do first before you draft your questions for your meetings. (9:12)
  • Three categories of question types that will help to ensure a basic personality and interest match. (12:11)
  • Why behavioural type questions are a good tool you can use. (17:12)
  • Guidance on how long to take before you make a decision on who to partner with. (20:25)


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