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April 4, 2021

Update: From Startup to Starting Advantage With You

Update: From Startup to Starting Advantage With You

This week's bonus episode has an exciting update for you: Startup Advantage has had a slight name upgrade to Starting Advantage.

Show Notes

While the podcast looks (and might feel) a bit different, you can continue to join Tania for episodes as you usually do. You'll continue to hear conversations on success strategies, habits, and mindsets for new founders.


Wondering why we are going through this change together?

Tania shares more on this in this quick update.

  • Hint: It's to include you and support you even better.


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I'm so excited and grateful to build this podcast with you for you. So thank you for being part of the process and progress and for giving me your feedback. I have an invitation for you: Please tell us more about you and what you think about the podcast so that we can support you better. You can do it anonymously. You could also win one of three $25 gift cards for completing this survey as a thank you gift for taking the time to share your thoughts. If you have time right now, that'd be amazing. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. - Tania



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